phpGameScan – A new era for game tracking!

30 Jun 2018 EVOScripts 3

It’s been a while since last time I posted and I promised that I’ll keep you up-to-date weekly about next plans and about next projects. In the last post, “Is there a future for phpGameTracker?“, I posted few pictures of the next version, the version which I’ve been working on in the last few months, but now, it’s time to reveal the next face of: *drum rolls* phpGameScan.

Preview phpgametracker

Is there a future for phpGameTracker?

21 Jun 2018 EVOScripts 2

Hi everybody! You have been asking me about next update of phpGameTracker and I need to answer to all these questions. Firstly, thank you for your support and if you don’t about what I’m talking about, please visit this and this.