Q: Why I can't see how many matches I lost and I see only wins ?

A: That's because Riot doesn't give all statistics about losses, only if they are in last few month.

Q: I have a little red info icon near my level. Why ?

A: Well, you will see that icon only if you aren't level 30. Why ? Simple ! You can't play ranked games, so you can't have statistics for ranked games !

Q: Why I can't see my banner even if I'm level 30 ?

A: There's only one reason: You don't have rank ! Please 10 ranked games to unlock your rank.

Q: I found a bug. What I should do ?

A: Contact us here and give us more informations.

Q: May I use this banner on my website ?

A: Of course ! It's free, so we hope that will disable AdBlock (in case you have) on our website to help us too.:)