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03 Jul 2018 EVOScripts 0

Since last update has passed one year exactly (at the moment of writing the article) and I feel guilty for keeping the script on market with few bugs (nothing major) reported. So, as I said in this article, I’ll post an update until 31st August. Until that moment, let me tell you what will be solved. 🙂 This version was released earlier than I was expecting! Check it out on Codecanyon!


phpGameScan – A new era for game tracking!

30 Jun 2018 EVOScripts 3

It’s been a while since last time I posted and I promised that I’ll keep you up-to-date weekly about next plans and about next projects. In the last post, “Is there a future for phpGameTracker?“, I posted few pictures of the next version, the version which I’ve been working on in the last few months, but now, it’s time to reveal the next face of: *drum rolls* phpGameScan.

Preview phpgametracker


17 Jun 2018 EVOScripts 0

  phpGameTracker is a complex platform for tracking game servers. It was built with the latest version of CodeIgniter framework and was made to run starting with PHP 5.6. Also, this platform is using MySQLi instead of MySQL which is a big plus. Because the core of the application was built with a framework, this application has protection against XSS and SQL injection. Also, if you want to extend the application, it is really easy to do it.