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Counter-Strike: Global-Offensive Statistics PRO or CS:GO Stats PRO, shorter name, was created in order to help all Counter-Strike: Global-Offensive players to see statistics that are not available in-game. This script shows you General statistics (like total shots fired, total number of kills / death etc.), Weapon statistics, Map statistics and also you can generate your custom dynamic banners to show everybody your statistics.

This script is 2nd generation. It had a previous version, which was slower compared with current one. Also, this version has a lot of new improvements which are making it the fastest at the moment.

The most important thing about this script is that it was optimized to run on each web host, even on shared web hosting. Most of the code has been rewritten.

1. CS:GO Stats PRO – Description

In CS:GO Stats PRO, all user data has been categorized in order to make access to data faster and intuitive.

  • General statistics  In this page you can see information about your latest played match (kills, deaths, k/d ratio, favorite weapon, score) and general information about your account like played time, total kills, total deaths, k/d ratio, total damage done, total shots fired, accuracy and more…


  • Weapon statistics – In this page you can see information about all weapons (kills, hits, shots and accuracy). Also, you can filter weapons by Kills, Shots, Hits and Accuracy to see which weapon is best for you!


  • Map statistics – In this page you can see information about all maps (rounds won, total number of rounds played, win ratio) and also, like in Weapon’s page, you can filter these maps by Wins, Rounds and Win % (Ratio). NOTE: Cobblestone and Militia map don’t have statistics because Valve don’t give any data about them.


  • Achievements – This page shows all user achievements, starting with unblocked. Also, in bottom of the page you can find the percentage of unblocked achievements.


  • Dynamic banners – This page is the most awesome page of the entire script. In this page you can generate your dynamic banner and customize it by your own. You have a lot of backgrounds with your favorite team, you can set your Rank and your XP rank, you can change colors and more. This banner can be added on every forum and every platform.


2. Dynamic banners (example)

Not available anymore.

3. What do you need to run this script?

Well, CS:GO Stats PRO is easy to run. You need only a version of PHP newer or equal with PHP 5.6. Also, you need to have enabled cURL to fetch information. In the end, you need to have a Steam account in order to get an API key.

4. Where I can buy it?

This script is sold exclusive on CodeCanyon. Visit CodeCanyon and get your copy today! Also, you can find our demo here.

5. I have a question! Can I ask you something?

Yes! We love to talk to our customers because it helps us to grow! Please visit contact page.

Update October 27th 2018: Script was removed from market. Demo is not available anymore.

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6 thoughts on “CS:GO Stats PRO

    1. Salutare! phpGameScan este inca in lucru. M-am decis ca daca tot vreau sa refac o idee deja implementata si vanduta de mine o data, macar acum sa o fac muuult mai complexa si in acelasi timp mult mai extensibila. Zilele astea urmeaza sa imi mut toate articolele aici (ce mai pot recupera mai bine zis), iar apoi voi scrie un articol despre phpGameScan. 🙂

    1. Fiindca am inceput cateva implementari, iar asta fac aplicatia sa fie la o oarecare distanta de o versiune beta.

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