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GAMEFIRE – Game Server Tracker


GAMEFIRE – Game Server Tracker is a platform which allows you to add, manage and track game servers. This platform was created as a new and professional tool for all gaming communities or as a simple, yet complex platform for those who want to start a business.

Currently, GAMEFIRE – Game Server Tracker supports 9 games, but it can be extented to support up to 105 games. You can add a new game in under 30 seconds from Admin Panel.

Note: I’ll add more games by myself in the next updates, but I’ll not add all available and supported games. You can add any game by yourself – more details inside documentation file.

GAMEFIRE - Game Server Tracker GAMEFIRE - Game Server Tracker



» Users – Visitors are able to create an account and manage their servers. Supported registration methods: email / password. Visitors needs an account in order to be able to do up-to 90% of the available actions like managing servers, creating forum post and so on.
» User groups – Manage users and allow them to access different parts of the application. You can create new groups with custom roles.


» Forum – This platform has a built-in forum which can be used to facilitate communication between users.


» News – Create articles or post news
» GDPR (European Union) / CCPA (California) friendly – because platform comes with a Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions (which I recommend you to read and update), you are able to operate in European Union and California space. Both of them have strict data low for data processing and storage. In order to support this, GAMEFIRE tracks only minimum neceesary of data to work: email address and country from users.

Google integration

» Google reCaptcha v3 – This way, you can keep the platform away from auto-registering bots. Disabled by default.
» Google Analytics – See how many visitors and where do they come from, plus many other statistics. Disabled by default.
» Integrated with PayPal – This is used to buy VIP packs for servers. Disabled by default.


» Servers – This the most complex feature of this platform and which can be divided into:

  • Search servers by multiple and complex filters
  • Add servers
  • Edit & manage servers
  • Claim servers – If one server was added before by another user, you can claim it changing its hostname to our custom tag
  • Boost servers – By buying VIP packs, you can boost your server inside list. You will have a higher position, rank will be changed with VIP. This feature is enabled only if PayPal is enabled.
  • Vote and/or add to favorite servers
  • Report servers
  • Rank servers – We use uptime, number of slots, average number of players, bots online and many more to rank servers.
  • Custom dynamic banners – VIP servers have possibility to upload their custom banners.
  • Players list – online and offline players
  • Top players
  • Statistics
  • Comments system on each server’s page

» Multilanguage system – You can allow users to change the language of the website. Default language: English. Supported languages: English, Romanian.

» Admin Panel – You can controll website using this special dashboard available only to users with special role.

and more.

Documentation & configuration

After you buy this platform, you will receive a PDF with step-by-step installation and configuration.

In case you have any problem, I can do the installation for free.
Check documentation for more details and how you can contact me.



  • email:
  • pass: admin123


  • email:
  • pass: moderator123


  • email:
  • pass: user123

We reset platform database every 30 minutes.


  • VPS / VDS (is not working on shared hosting)
  • SSH access
  • PHP 7.2 or newer (MySQLi, mbstring, GD, intl)
  • Apache 2 or NGINX
  • MySQL 5.7 (or newer) or other database supported by Doctrine – see list
  • Composer and Yarn to install dependencies
  • SSL certificate


You need medium level of Linux and PHP knowledge is required in order to install and maintain this platform.


Version 1.0.0 released

Where you can buy GAMEFIRE – Game Server Tracker

Script is available on for $49. I don’t know how lonk I’ll keep this script on market, but be sure that you buy it before I decide to remove. I want to make a test on this website and see what reach do I get.

Don’t worry, you will receive your support for the entire period and some updates as well.


You can contact us on by leaving us a comment, or using this form.

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