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GAMEFIRE – Game Server Tracking Platform Script

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GAMEFIRE – Game Server Tracking Platform Script

GAMEFIRE is a complex platform which allows you to track game servers. It was created to be extensible and easy to use and contains a lot of features already built-in.

GAMEFIRE allows you to track your favorite game servers. This tool will save server history data about played maps, online players, average players, uptime and more. Based on this data, we will rank your server on our website.


  • You can add and manage servers
  • No account needed to use platform – you have extra benefits if you log in before adding servers
  • GDPR / CCPA friendly
  • Possibility to buy VIP packets for one or more servers – benefits: between firsts servers, custom banners
  • Tracks server data like: maps, online players, top players (all the time), uptime. Based on these information we rank your server among other servers
  • Database with all players ever tracked by GAMEFIRE with details about total time played, last time online and if it was seen on other servers
  • You can customize our dynamic banners with unlimited colors for texts
  • Claim server ownership – If you or anyone else added a server and you want to claim its ownership, all you have to do is to replace its name with our custom tag and to claim. After that, you will get full access for that server
  • Multi-language system – Allow users to change language – currently there are only two languages implemented (English / Romanian)
  • Comment system on server’s page
  • Logged in users can add to / remove from favorite servers or can vote them
  • Script is integrated with Paypal
  • Fully functional Admin Panel where you can manage entire website

and many more features


  • VPS / VDS – it’s not working on shared hosting
  • PHP 7.2 or newer
  • NodeJS v10.15.3 or newer
  • Yarn 1.15.2 or newer
  • MySQL 5.6 or newer (I used MySQL for development, but you can use other database drivers like MSSQL or SQLite- see here for a full list of compatible drivers with Doctrine)
  • SSH access

Documentation / Installation steps

If you decide to buy my script, you will have more than +10 pages with information about how to install this script (step-by-step).


You can find here our demo:

Here’s are some images of the website:

gamefire homepage
gamefire servers list page
Servers list page
gamefire server's page
Server page

To see more pages, please access:

gamefire normal banner
Normal banner
gamefire small banner
Small banner
gamefire extra banner
Extra banner

Currently, there are 3 banner types: normal, small and extra.

  • Normal banners are using images as backgrounds. Each games has one or more custom backgrounds
  • Small banners are using gradients. You can use any existing color to customize your banner.
  • Extra banners are using colors to change backgrounds

Note: Texts colors can be changed for any banner type.


Script is currently listed on You can buy it for $45 (without VAT added).

Also, you can buy this script directly from me by contacting me here. My price is $40 and you receive support for 2 months.

Support, questions or bug report

If you encounter any problem during installation or you do have a question or you just found out something buggy, let me know. I’ll be happy to solve that.

You can reply to this post or you can contact me directly using contact form.

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6 thoughts on “GAMEFIRE – Game Server Tracking Platform Script

  1. Cum pot cumpara scriptul? sunt Administratorul !!! Am avut vechiul tau script si l-am modificat daca mai ti minte !!!

    Se poate integra si alt sistem de plata, gen mobilpay, deoarece detin contract cu ei pentru alte website-uri pe care le detin…


    1. Salutare! Din pacate, am restras script-ul de pe piata. Am hotarat asta dupa ce l-am tinut o luna de zile si a avut un reach foarte mic. Momentan nu mai vand script-ul si ma gandesc daca il pastrez sau o sa il vand singur, fara ajutorul vreunui market. Intradevar, am uitat sa actualizez post-ul, iar asta creeaza confuzie.


      1. Cand iei o hotarare anume, te rog anunta-ma deoarece vreau scriptul pt a actualiza website-ul, daca integrezi si sistemul de plata prin mobilpay esti the best!!!! ­čÖé

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