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GAMEFIRE is currently unavailable

Please read this article:

Hello! In a previous post I said that I launched the newest script called GAMEFIRE.

This script sums over +3 years of experience working in this niche. It has a lot of feature and has more to come.

But, at the end of the ’19, after more than 1 month on Codester market, I decided to pause script sales. I did that because reach was really low and after more than 30 days I had only… 120 views (and I’m pretty sure that 20% of them were mine).

I was really disappointed after that and I was looking to make my own website using that script and never sell it again. Don’t worry, that’s not my final decision.

Currently, I made some major improvements since first release back in November ’19. Most of them are visible on (new design, a lot of bugs fixed) or some of them are in progress right now (forum feature).

I’m willing to (re)release this script at the end of April (current year) and hopefully, this time I’ll publish it on Codecanyon. I don’t know what will be the price.

Disclaimer: End of April is just an indicative date.

Meanwhile, you can add your servers on and see how application works. All I can tell you is that I fixed 100% of errors reported in logs.

Thank you,

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