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Is there a future for phpGameTracker?

Hi everybody! You have been asking me about next update of phpGameTracker and I need to answer to all these questions.

Firstly, thank you for your support and if you don’t about what I’m talking about, please visit this and this.

Few words about phpGameTracker

I have started this script in 2016 and first version wasn’t for sale. I have started this script as a personal challenge to built a site like GameTracker, but more powerful. I couldn’t achieve my dream because my programming skills were limited back then, but this didn’t stop me from trying. As I said, I made an “alpha” version of this script and I was really proud of it. It wasn’t my first script for public, but the feeling was the same.

As you can see, some elements are still available in the current version of the script, but the code was totally new.

First version of phpGameTracker published on Codecanyon was written with procedural PHP. I wanted to keep it like that, but, some day, one guy told me that my code it was a mess so I decided to improve my skills, so I wrote code again using Codeigniter framework. This framework was perfectly for me. It has MVC pattern so its good for scripts like this and has a great documentation. Note: You need to give it a chance if you are not familiar with PHP frameworks!

That’s why script is using now Codeigniter.

So, enough with the story and let’s talk about next version of phpGameTracker. I’ve been thinking for a while IF I should make a new update of the script or to move on and let the script to die or to write a new version of the script, but using Symfony or Laravel. I know, you, as a buyer, you’d pick “a new update” or “a new version of the script”. I agree with you! You paid for it, you deserve the best, but first, let me explain you about each possible answer:

  • a new update” – Well, currently I’m working as backend developer and I wanted rewrite parts of the script. But trust me, I can’t! It’s a mess. It’s too much to move, to rename, to think and honestly, I’ll  lose more time doing that than starting a new version from nothing.
  • let the script to die” – About this part, I’ve been thinking a lot. And I’m still thinking sometimes when I’m too busy or when I think I have an awesome idea for a new script. But that’s all for the moment. And I have a lot of ideas!
  • “a new version of the script” – This part is about writing script from nothing. I know, it sounds awesome, but trust me, IT’S NOT! Why? Simple! At this moment, I wouldn’t choose Codeigniter again. Before I said that its awesome, and it is, but it is so simple… and I have a lot of code to write and I don’t want to do that.

So, what I have picked? Well, at this moment I’ve started a new version of phpGameTracker. Yap, that’s true. A new version of our beloved script. A version totally new, where everything was changed (excepting banner images, for the moment at least). The core of the newest application is written using Symfony 4.1 (at the current moment, when I’m writing the article) and for design I’ve picked Bootstrap 4 and VueJS. I’ve picked this framework because I’m working with it since spring of 2017 and I’ve learnt a lot of things. It is so easy to use and extend each component you need. I love it! <3

Now, you are asking if you will be able to have this version for free (if already bought a previous license) or you’ll need to buy it. I have bad news. I’ll launch this version separated from current version. “Why? You are not fair! We already paid you!” – I know! But you need to understand that I make these scripts driven by two things: passion for technology and innovation. But these two can’t pay a bill.

At this moment, for each copy sold, I’m getting… 10$. Yep, Envato is taking a lot from their users (in my opinion) and you need to make quantity, not quality if you want to survive. And if buyer is from USA, well, Envato is taking another part from my 10$, a tax called “Royalty tax”. Why from me??? I don’t know.

I’m aware that the current version of script has few bugs and I promise that I’ll release an update for these!

I’ll try to post weekly about next version, but until next week, here’s a preview:

It is still a surprise 🙂

If you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact me via contact form or directly on comments.

Note for reader:

  • When it will be available next version? – Answer: I don’t know! I don’t have a plan. I’m working on my free time and I’m doing my best to improve each query.
  • When you will release next update for current version? Answer: I’ll make myself some time and I’ll try to release it until the end of August.
  • What will be the price for next version? – Answer: I don’t know!
Oh, and in the end, thank you for all those words, words which made me to start learning a framework and improve my skills! Honestly, thank you!
<p>Born to code.</p>

2 thoughts on “Is there a future for phpGameTracker?

    1. Hey! I saw your email too, but I prefer to reply here.

      phpGameTracker was removed from Codecanyon (not Themeforest) on 1st December, 2018. I offered support for all buyers for 6 months after removing item from market. At this moment, I do not offer any support, but I can guide you through the script. Can you tell me more about what problem you have encountered?

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