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phpGameScan – Milestone II

As I promised when I posted this article, I’ll keep you up-to-date about what has been implemented in the newest GameTracker-type script: phpGameScan.

Firstly, I know that I promised I’ll post weekly, but it was a busy period for me and I had no time left for posting on this blog, but this does not mean I stopped developing the script, on the contrary, I made a lot of progress.

In the last article I promised new photos and you will get them, but first let me tell what’s new / implemented:

  • Recover password
  • To finish admin panel (already started and it’s done more than 50%)
  • View user
  • My account
  • FAQ
  • Creating cron-jobs
  • Report server system

These were the items on my TO-DO list on previous article and they are implemented by now. But that’s not all:

  • Administrate game banners (add as much banners as you want)
  • FAQ questions can be added / edited / removed from admin panel (not static anymore like in phpGameTracker)

And more improvements than phpGameTracker ever had, but I’ll stop telling you what’s new and what you can do and I’ll give you few screenshots.Oh, I’ll tell you a secret:


Also, all website is fully responsive and adaptive. You will get best experience on any device: mobile, laptop, desktop or tablet. Code has been written respecting latest PHP standards and Symfony’s core is updated everytime a new stable update is available.

Soon I’ll need few people to test the platform. One of them will get a free copy of this script!

Here are the photos:

Servers list
Account overview
Server information
Admin panel – Dashboard

Photos were removed

That’s all for the moment. The release is not as far as it looked in previous post. Stay tuned!

If you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact me via contact form or directly on comments.

<p>Born to code.</p>

2 thoughts on “phpGameScan – Milestone II

    1. Salutare,

      Din pacate pentru moment nu mai postez poze cu aplicatia. Au fost postate in articolul original inainte sa pice host-ul, insa cand am copiat articolele, nu am mai salvat si pozele.

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