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phpGameScan – Milestone III

Hey, everybody!

I’m sure that you are curious about latest news for phpGameScan, right? Well, this script is still alive and I’m still developing it, when I have time 🙁 … But I’ve made some serious progress:

  • Language System is fully implemented and you can easily add / edit / remove languages from Admin Panel. Also, it has a fallback on English if there’s no language set as default or something is wrong with the system.
  • Admin panel is ready to use (implemented more than 95% – I need to add some extra buttons for servers management)
  • I kept the same banners from phpGameTracker, but I improved design (added blur to all of them, changed game icon – visual improvements overall)
  • I’ve made some code refactoring where I considered it necessary
  • And more visual improvements or logical features

The most important part (for me) was ‘Banners‘. Why? Simple! Because in this version I decided to let everybody to create their custom banner by implementing my BannerInterface. That’s a simple step if you have few programming knowledge.

Also, for VIP servers owners can add their own banners and let everybody use that banner (Note: this banner will be available only for that server – if owner has multiple VIP servers, they should upload their banner for each one).

Well, it might look like I did nothing interesting for phpGameScan, but you are right. Because this is not the only script that I’m currently working on. I have two more ideas: one is a custom Game Server Query library, similar with GameQ which I’m currently use (at this moment is far from alpha release) and another script which will be available faster than phpGameScan and it will be free or not – I can’t decide at this moment. But more about these scripts later. I want to be sure that I’ll continue to work on them before posting about them.

On the other hand, I removed phpGameTracker from market, but I still offer support (if it didn’t expire yet). I’m happy to answer to any question!

So, in the end, if you have any question about anything, don’t hesitate to contact me.

P.S.: phpGameScan does NOT have a release date yet nor the other scripts.

<p>Born to code.</p>

6 thoughts on “phpGameScan – Milestone III

        1. Va fi pus pe Codecanyon, ca toate script-urile mele de altfel. Ei imi ofera desfacerea si posibilitatea platilor prin mai multe variante.

    1. Salut! Din pacate nu am o data exacta si evit sa ofer o perioada aproximativa. Initial, am estimat ca va fi decembrie 2018, insa nu am luat in calcul multe variabile.

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