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phpGameScan – Pre-release plan

It’s been a month since my last post about phpGameScan when I told you what’s left to do. I finished all those points, except the payment gateway which will be finished after going live for tests.

I’m planning to go live for tests between February 20-25th, without the possibility to buy the script (yet, at least).

Why I postpone the release all the time?

That’s simple. Mostly, because script was not finished yet. Also, I started scripting another Game Query library, but I’m not satisfied with the newest one. I’ll continue to use GameQ for the moment, but I really need to do something because this library is started to deprecate (not compatible with a lot of games from phpGameTracker).

What you will see in beta testing?

Firstly, you will see a completely new design (see few photos in this article). I hope you will like it! Also, you will see that the script will have few games (<15 games) available at the begging. I wish to test them well, then I’ll activate from Admin Panel one by one.

You will NOT have access to the Admin Panel! This is not a demo, this is a live version of the script!

I’ll try to add as many servers as possible for each game available on the platform to test, so please, if you see something is wrong or there’s an error, please contact me as fast as possible!

I’ll make another post soon where I’ll announce you that we are live and what’s the URL for the platform.

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7 thoughts on “phpGameScan – Pre-release plan

  1. So how much is phpgamescan going to cost? I bought phpgametracker but I can’t even download it anymore from codecanyon, because you removed it. To be honest, I feel scammed. Codecanyon is shit anyway; they just remove stuff and then you’re left with no files if you don’t create a backup.

    1. Hi @Frk,
      I don’t know what price should I set for phpGameScan. I am aware about this problem with Codecanyon, but I found this error after I removed script from Codecanyon. Don’t worry, no one want to scam you and you are not the only buyer who asked me about the script after it was removed from market. I agree with you! Codecanyon SHOULD keep files for buyers even if author decides to remove it.
      Please use this form ( and send me a messege. I’ll send you a copy of phpGameTracker 😀


    1. Script-ul e gata pentru release-ul in beta, dar mai trebuie sa imi configurez un server dedicat, lucru pe care nu am apucat sa il fac pana acum. Sunt destul de optimist ca in weekend va fi gata.

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