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phpGameScan – What’s left until release?

Happy New Year!

I have good news! I’ve spent last two weeks coding and fixing current code and I’ve done a lot! I made some improvements to the current code and some database optimization. Moreover, I finished user’s account dashboard (this was the hardest part – as design – for me).

But I’ve done more than that:

  • all necessary cronjobs to run this script were created
  • finished multiple-language system, also added English as default language and fallback language (just in case something will not work, to avoid texts like this: email_address_label or homepage_title
  • started (and almost finished) payment gateway
  • Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions were written. These are manageable from Admin Control Panel and support multiple language
  • GDPR friendly feature (for EU users) – this feature can be disabled if your script will run outside the Europe Union
  • and more fixes that are not so notable

So, in all posts I said what I’ve done, but all the time I was avoiding to say a release date. Well, I did this to avoid pressure and bad code. I code only when I feel well to avoid spaghetti code.

But, I have to say that I have a date! No, I’m not going to meet with a girl! I have a date, and that’s… a period to be more explicit. This period is between end of February and middle of March.

I don’t have anything major left, however, there are a lot of things to implement, fix or improve. And it’s really time-consuming.

In the end of this post, please tell me what would you like to see the first version of phpGameScan or in next updates. I’m really curious! I asked you about games in a previous post, but now I’m curious about functionality.

You can leave your ideas in comments or in private here. I’m open to any random, good, bad or crazy idea you have! 😀

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First official phpGameScan screenshot (mobile).

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