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Since last update has passed one year exactly (at the moment of writing the article) and I feel guilty for keeping the script on market with few bugs (nothing major) reported. So, as I said in this article, I’ll post an update until 31st August. Until that moment, let me tell you what will be solved. 🙂

This version was released earlier than I was expecting! Check it out on Codecanyon!

phpGameTracker – Changelog:

  • Codeigniter updated to the latest version
  • GameQ library updated to the latest version
  • [I] Database improvements (all tables will be InnoDB and the charset will be set as utf8mb4_unicode_ci, but don’t worry, you will get an SQL file with all updates to overwrite your current configuration)
  • [B] Error shown on each server’s info page: “A non well formatted value…
  • [B] No message shown when your credentials are bad.
  • [I] “Server is offline!”, the common message shown when you are trying to add a server will be changed with something more complex than that and more verbose, also!
  • [B] Error when you don’t add query port for some servers (e.g.: TeamSpeak)
  • [B] VIP servers are not shown first on “/servers” page
  • [B] You couldn’t update server if description was empty
  • [I] Updated “/servers” page from Admin Panel
  • [B] PayPal API has changed a little and now you can’t process payments anymore
  • [B] You couldn’t remove server’s VIP from Admin panel
  • [B] Disable ARMA II & ARMA III until we will solve the bug with their servers (if an update will be available until this release, this will be included (EDIT: solved)

I know, you might say about this script that it has a lot of problems, but don’t worry, all of them will be solved one by one. If you have found another bugs or would you like another improvement, please comment below.

In case you don’t know what is phpGameTracker, please read this or this.

This script is sold exclusive on CodeCanyon. Visit CodeCanyon and get your copy today! Also, you can find our demo here.


  • [B] – bug
  • [I] – improvement
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