CS:GO Stats PRO and CS:GO Player Stats are not maintainted anymore
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We are back online!

Hi everybody, we are back online!

1. Why I was missing from Facebook/blog?

As you might know, this website was offline for a month or more. This happened because our web host provider’ server crashed and lost all his data. That’s not a problem anymore nowadays, but when they tried to restore everything, they realized their HDD was dead and their RAID didn’t work. And that’s how we lost everything. I hoped every minute that it won’t be necessary to start again with this blog, even if I have only few articles, I spent few hours writing them.

Enough with this sad part.

Maybe you noticed that I removed from market: CS:GO Stats PRO and CS:GO Player Stats. I did it because they weren’t maintained anymore, their code was old and ugly. They were my first scripts. Anyway, you can still find them on my GitHub account, but they will not received any update. Use them at your own security risk.

I hope that you will appreciate this little gift from me!

2. Do you have any news about phpGameScan?

phpGameScan is still in development. It was almost done at the end of August, but I decided that is not what I want. So I started to rewrite a part of it and then I have ideas one after another. I can give you a small update about what you couldn’t find in any article: multi-script query. I’ll not say anything else, nor to answer to any question about what this means.

More information can be found on my Facebook page.

If you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact me via contact form or directly on comments.

<p>Born to code.</p>

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